Hand Embroidered Pillow Cases

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Embroidered fabrics always give a rustic yet artistic look and feel to any item, from napkins to bedding. pillow cases decorated using handmade embroidery are usually used for living room cushions or for decorative pillows in bedrooms. It makes for an interesting craft project, business idea and gift item, too.

Making Your Own Embroidered Cases

For craftspeople, embroidery can touch up entire bedding sets
by adding color and incorporating the bedding’s theme. This can be done by purchasing plain pillow covers that match the bedding and decorating them with simple images or text on the fabric. Embroidery is different from printed fabric because of the texture it brings on the surface to give a unique dimension to the item.

The embroidery patterns can be found online for free, so you can browse the different designs, print them out and transfer them onto the pillow cover fabric. Patterns range from simple ones that can be used as a fun craft activity for the whole family, to complex and elaborate ones that create masterpieces on the fabric.

Remember that embroidering the material can be as easy as adding a pretty border around the pillow case, or simply spelling out the name of your child or partner with the thread pattern on the material. Choose a pattern or create one yourself depending on your own craft skills.

Buying Embroidered Pillows

On the other hand, for those without the interest, time or skill to do their own embroidery, the handmade decorated pillows are available to purchase either online or from a local store. You will find machine embroidered pillows ideal to match Egyptian cotton bedding, as well as the handmade type of stitching.

Special orders for embroidered bedding can be placed in case you want something special created as a gift. It takes time to create the embroidered patterns onto the fabric by hand, so order the pillows in advance. A great source of inspiration for embroidery is usually nature, with patterns like flowers, landscapes and animals can be interpreted into the stitching. With all these options available for you, choose hand embroidered pillows to give as the perfect gift.

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